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LASER Summer School on Software Engineering

Practical Programming Processes

Past, Present, Proposed
Proven, Passable, Polemical

September 17 - 23, 2006
Elba, Italy

Directors: Bertrand Meyer (ETH Zürich), Erik Meijer (Microsoft)



Through its successful sessions since 2004, the LASER summer school (Laboratory for Applied Software Engineering Research), organized by ETH Zurich, brings together the concepts and practice of software engineering in the idyllic setting of the Elba Island off the coast of Tuscany, easily reachable by air, car, bus or train.

The LASER school is intended both for researchers (including PhD students) and for professional software engineers and managers who want to benefit from the best in software technology advances. The focus of LASER is resolutely practical, although theory is welcome to establish solid foundations. The format of the school favors extensive interaction between participants and speakers.

The 2006 LASER takes an in-depth look at Practical Programming Processes. Many approaches have been proposed in the past decade, from new advances in object technology to Patterns, Aspects, Extreme/Agile/Lean methods, incremental development, process standards (CMMI etc.), Open Source and several others. The school brings together six speakers:

with diverse backgrounds but each having made essential contributions to our understanding of the software development process. They will present and confront their approaches for the greatest advantage of anyone interested in better software construction.


The school takes place at the excellent Hotel Hermitage in Golfo di Biodola, Elba. Along with an intensive scientific program, participants will have time to enjoy the natural and cultural riches of this history-laden jewel of the Mediterranean.

Previous lecturers at LASER

  • Jean-Raymond Abrial
  • Ernie Cohen
  • Laura Dillon
  • Erich Gamma
  • Jay Misra
  • Carroll Morgan
  • Amir Pnueli
  • Wolfgang Pree
  • Joseph Sifakis
  • Pamela Zave

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