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I had been on several medicines like Ambien and Lunesta. All of a sudden I needed a pill to sleep! Not only that but I was a walking zombie the next day. Mood swings were bad. My family became concerened. I switched to Silenor, not as potent but it did the trick.

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Sinequan is the best thing that I have ever tried to help me cope with my depression and anxiety. I was prescribed with Sinequan about two months ago. Before I started taking it I literally felt like a dead man in panic - no energy, no strive for life, just fear and discomfort. I have lost about 30 pounds of weight and looked awfully. But luckily Sinequan came into my life and changed everything. Now I have passion for life, I can sleep well, I feel happiness and joy! This medication saved my life. In addition it was great to order the medication from this website and to have it delivered right to my door. At that time I had absolutely no desire to leave my room and go somewhere. So, possibly, of it weren't for this site I would never bought Sinequan and could develop suicidal thoughts by this time.

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