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I'm thirty years old. I have been suffering from mild acne for years. Tried many drugs and prescription topicals. In general I am a very healthy vegetarian, eat no meat, a lot of vegetables, whole foods diet. Nevertheless my skin was covered with nasty acne. Most breakouts were under my chin or around my jaw. I hated the idea of taking something artificial for treatment. But after a discussion with my family doctor I agreed to try Yaz and now I am so happy that I gave in. My face got totally clear within 1 week without any side effects!

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Would you like to know why I am so thankful to Yaz? It is as easy as the way it works. Within a few days it cleared up my face that has been covered with pimples since I remember myself. The positive effect was beyond my expectations! I seem to have lost my appetite for a period of time and therefore probably have lost some pounds, but is it a drawback? No way! At least for me as I have always been dreaming about losing some weight. So for slim people this may be an unwanted side effect. This is an amazing medication for young people like me who have problems with their skin!

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